Villa Fjaka

brand identity for Eighteen 21 Charm Houses of Portugal

Villa Fjaka

Villa Fjaka is a hidden gem located in the undiscovered island of Pag, Croatia, ideal for those longing to escape the hustle & bustle of everyday but not looking to fock to a cliché beach destination.

It was designed for guests longing for a break up with now, time to stop, and to reconnect with themselves and those around. It is also for those craving nature real, raw and rugged nature – that looks untainted and untouched by urban hands, and those in search of newfound lands — because after all, it is nature that breathes life in all of us. Finally, it’s for those looking to be enchanted by the ‘off-the-radar’ island of Pag 
and the several paths to discover from here.

As such, we exuded that feeling via a hammock, an element we created between the letters “f” and “j” to exude this nice break from real life. We created all the narrative of the brand with the intent to invite people to disconnect and reconnect with themselves, with their loved ones and nature that surrounds this beautiful property. We developed a creative campaign around exploring the 5 senses of this untouched island of Pag, and created a treasure hunt map to invite the guests to explore around.


brand strategy

visual identity (logo, colours, typeface)

website copy and development

instagram curation & community management


treasure hunt map

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