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The Business X Talent Nexus Thanks to AI

Prox is an online service marketplace created to connect service seekers with the right service providers for them. Given that the project was at its start, crafting a brand identity that appealed to both facets of this connection was paramount. Thus, the name for the platform was born: combining Professional with Express, Prox is a nod to the new-found proximity between talent and client.

Visually-speaking, we wanted the identity to exude a contemporary and minimalist allure. As such, we chose a bold yet delicate typeface that instills trust and communicates Prox’s agility. The bespoke “X” shape - present both in the wordmark and in the app icon - not only sets the brand apart but also symbolises the connection between service providers and service seekers. As for the colour palette, we settled on young and sophisticated tones, such as Persimmon, Lemon, and Lilac Grey, which bring an edge and modern flair to the overall identity.



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