Liberdade 266 Window Display

Brand & Marketing

A Fashionable Window Display

Located in Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon’s luxury strip, LIBERDADE 266 is Avenue Real Estate’s latest renovation, a remarkable building with an unforgettable past. Sitting on the ground floor, the building's commercial space was looking for a new owner.

In 2019 we had been tasked to present a concept for their sister building LIBERDADE 40. Our answer was, "let's treat this display like any other fashion brand". And we did just that. We reproduced the letters SHINE HERE (a copy idea we had presented before) and secured new Italian Mannequins. We then thought of an understated white geometric backdrop to give depth to the display but not take away attention from the imposing and characteristic building. The result was the commercial space sold in record time, again.



Supplier Liaison

Creative Concept

Window Display Design

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