Delta Ventures

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Building Bridges

Delta Ventures is an early-stage VC focused on building long term relationships. Backed by Delta Cafés, one of Portugal’s most beloved companies, they champion start up sustainable success - ethical, economically responsible, and refreshingly human-centred.

As such, when we delved into the strategy, we understood the value they place on relationships. This resulted in the design of a unique icon, the “bridge builder”. It not only represented the connection but also alluded to the fact that they treat entrepreneurs as equal parts — there’s no power dynamic.

Given they are an offspring of Delta Cafés, we thought it was important to forge a connection. As such we chose a smoother red shade to their signature red as our primary colour but complimented it with a subtle green hue as one of their investment areas is around sustainability. Our work spanned the creation of several pieces of marketing collateral, website, Linkedin content creation as well as a welcome kit.



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