NEIT Whiskey

Brand Identity

Elevating Whiskey with Refined Rebellion

NEIT is a new Irish whiskey brand concocted for a London-based Venture Capital firm. Their brief was simple: create a cool, disruptive brand that defied conventional norms.

Drawing inspiration from Irish mythology, we crafted the name "NEIT" from the god of war, symbolising fighting and passion, perfectly embodying our brand's rebellious spirit. In designing the iconic bottle for NEIT, we gave it a tall, circular shape to deviate from the whiskey industry. We also made a deliberate decision to treat the branding in a minimalistic way. We opted to forego any labels on the front, ensuring a clean and elegant aesthetic. Instead, the label was discreetly placed on the back, allowing the whiskey's rich color and texture to take center stage. To further elevate the brand, we carved the logo onto leather rings adorning the neck and the bottom of the bottle and onto the top of the wooden stopper, adding a touch of craftsmanship and luxury.

As we developed NEIT's brand identity, we paid careful attention to every detail, including the logo design. The logo featured a geometric rectangular shape, deliberately distinct from the bottle shape. This intentional contrast created visual intrigue and showcased NEIT's willingness to defy expectations. To accentuate the brand's rebellious nature, we carved an orange line into the logo, adding a touch of vibrancy and further reinforcing the sense of rebellion. In addition to the distinctive logo, we meticulously crafted NEIT's packaging, marketing collateral, website, and social media presence. Each element of the brand identity seamlessly blended tradition and innovation, reflecting NEIT's refined rebellion ethos.



  • Video Production - Mosaic Media House
  • Film Director & Photography - Yuri + Ana
  • Product Imagery - Gonçalo Miller
  • VFX & 3D: Musgo Studio


Brand Strategy

Brand Concept


Visual Identity

Bottle Design

Flavour Names


Art Direction

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