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A Digital Makeover to Serve All Stakeholders

In the wake of a massive rebranding process last year, US-based leading real estate developer in multi-family homes, Resia embarked on a journey to transform its digital presence. Previously, the website was primarily tailored to serve their residents, a crucial focus. However, other key stakeholders, including investors, institutional lenders, and community stakeholders, required a dedicated space to engage with them effectively. This led to the inception of the new corporate website, designed to provide a comprehensive platform that caters to the diverse needs of all those who play a pivotal role in Resia’s mission to redefine multifamily housing.

Our approach involved blending innovation, information, and interactivity seamlessly. With user-centric design, intuitive navigation, and rich multimedia content, the website now serves as a vibrant hub for showcasing Resia’s commitment to quality housing. The streamlined architecture allows visitors to explore their multifamily projects, the Resia System, and its mission with ease. This endeavour included extensive UX research, engaging with all stakeholders, meticulous content management, expert copywriting, vital SEO enhancements, and much more.



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