Lisbon Street Kitchen

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Employer Branding Done Right

Short for Lisbon Street Kitchen, LSK is a new hospitality player in town looking to bring some much needed freshness to the industry. Operating a collective of kitchens, physical and ghost, LSK needed help to find its unique voice and identity.

After conducting interviews and an in-depth analysis of the hospitality market in Lisbon, we presented a cohesive brand strategy for the LSK group that delved into all aspects of the brand. Our deliverables included an Employee Manual filled with delicious copy, illustration and a fun layout design to engage the staff. We also defined the structure & flow of the manual, sorting through several legal documents to turn contractual terms into easily digestible content.



Brand Strategy

Brand Storytelling


Employee Manual


LSK Restaurant Employee Manual
LSK Restaurant Employee Manual 2
LSK Restaurant Employee Manual 3
LSK Restaurant Employee Manual 4
LSK Restaurant Employee Manual 5
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