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An Intuitive Navigation that Reflects the Smooth Buying Journey

ORIA Real Estate Advisors is a leading real estate advisory in Portugal in finding and securing properties for international private clients. Their philosophy is one of utmost dedication to the client, who’s always at the center of the stellar service they provide. To truly embody the essence of the brand, the website had to effectively convey the inherent dichotomy of characteristics that defines their DNA — a perfect blend of humanness and knowledge, empathy and assertiveness, genuineness and confidence.

With the goal of creating a digital journey that felt every bit as smooth as the one ORIA takes their clients on, we introduced several key components in the website design. One notable highlight is the progressive timeline, which clearly illustrates every step of the buying process. We also worked on copy for the website, ensuring that the technical information was made clear and that the client was the focus of the communication. Clean and simple, the website allows to content to take center stage, ensuring visitors are able to focus on the information and services provided by ORIA.



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