Wise & Co

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Smooth & Easy

Wise & Co is Portugal’s go-to Immigration Advisory facilitating a smooth and stress-free immigration process for their clients. They achieve this by being extremely clear, setting always the right expectations from the get-go.

We began our process by conducting a thorough competitive analysis to understand how we could stand out in this rather cluttered market. We identified the need to de-complicate the immigration experience, crafting a brand that oozed a soothing vibe. After all, while an immigration process can be bureaucratic, that's for the Immigration Advisor to worry about, not the client. As such, we needed to ensure we brought forth this calming feeling to the identity.

To reflect this approach, we incorporated shades of blue to the brand given the colour’s attributes of calmness and tranquility. Moreover, we crafted a bespoke symbol of an X to mark the brand’s assertiveness, resulting in a confident identity. Lastly we opted for a sophisticated typography for the brand name to exude its bespoke service approach.



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