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A Remarkable Transformation in Real Estate Advisory

Formed in 2014, Tamea International established itself as a leading real estate advisory firm specializing in finding and securing properties for international private clients. With a strong market presence of nearly 10 years and an extensive network, the company had established an unshakeable reputation in the industry. Contributing to this success was Joana Branquinho, who served as the company's Commercial and Operations Director and played a pivotal role in shaping Tamea International's trajectory. In 2022, Joana spearheaded a management buyout, assuming leadership of the company. With her deep understanding of the industry and a commitment to excellence, she recognized the importance of redefining the company's identity, understanding that the brand image should not only match their reputation but also elegantly showcase their buyer dedication. Through a truly comprehensive re-brand, we delivered just that.

In the stakeholder interviews we conducted, the advisory’s clients frequently compared the company to a precious stone — thus, inspired by the word Aurum (Latin for gold), the new name came to be and ORIA Real Estate Advisors was born. After refining the brand strategy, our focus shifted to developing a distinct visual identity. Feeling like ORIA needed a bespoke symbol, we created the Totum (meaning “whole” in Latin”), which contrasts straight, sharp lines with softer curved ones — representing both the left and right side of the brain, something the advisory is known for perfectly balancing. For typography, we selected an elegant sans serif font that conveys a sense of lightness and serenity, reflecting the positive client experience when working with ORIA. As for the color palette, we settled on sober and sophisticated tones, choosing a dark teal as the main shade as well as a muted gold that subtly alludes to the company's new name. Spanning over several months, and conducted in close partnership with the client, this re-brand included everything from brand strategy and naming to visual identity and website design, as well as the creation of all the marketing collateral across the buyer’s journey. The result is every bit as rewarding as the process was painstaking. ORIA Real Estate Advisors is now live, and sporting a striking and consistent new identity.



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