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Go Deeper to Reach Higher

Gutmore is a holistic health consultancy focused on optimising one’s overall wellness through tapping into the powers of the gut and mind. A 10-week program designed to empower clients with lifestyle changes that would release their full potential.

After conducting several interviews and developing an extensive research process, the creative concept emerged: “go deeper to reach higher”. A central idea that captured the essence of the brand - to go deeper into someone’s mind and gut in order to access the necessary knowledge to reach higher.

Inspired by this, we embarked on a design journey to build a simple and captivating identity that exudes the necessary sophistication and seriousness while connecting to our desired audience on an emotional level. The result was a uniquely designed G letter inspired by the shape of the gut and the head combined with a clean font, and a singular colour palette. The deliverables also comprised the website design and the development as well as the delivery of other touch points across the user journey including the Discovery Questionnaire, Daily Agenda, Analysis Kit Box, Instructions Leaflet and Final Report.



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