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A true hidden gem for those craving the sweet balance between adventure and slow living, say hello to Casa Solis, a unique six-bedroom house filled with bespoke designs and charming details.

From naming to visual identity, marketing collateral to a single-page site, our take on the brand feels clean yet bold, much like the house itself (because, when else have you heard about a house that comes with a complementary car and motorcycle designed by Bandit Garage?). We also designed a series of Instagram stories as well as a video montage of the renders to announce the launch, ensuring its sophisticated appeal ran down to every detail.

As the house featured unique details such as a sculptural spiral staircase, a Mediterranean-style swimming pool and a historic doorway, we felt it was important to design a bespoke glyph that connected to one of these aspects. After exploring several options, we landed on a symbol inspired by both the swimming pool and doorway shapes, complemented by its street number, 1872, while a bright orange tone brought on a touch of adventure.



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