Chi Longevity

Brand Identity

Expanding Frontiers in the Longevity Industry

Based in Singapore, Chi Longevity is a cutting-edge longevity clinic specialised in reversing the biological ageing process. Spearheaded by Dr. Andrea Maier, a renowned expert on the subject of ageing, the clinic is firmly rooted in scientifically proven diagnostic tests and interventions.

Using strategy developed by our partner Incrementum Singapore as our starting point, we delved deep into the longevity world. We began the process with a competitor audit, which allowed us to better understand the market. This exercise led us to realise the need for a visual identity that distanced ourselves from the familiar infinity symbol and explore other ways to illustrate the idea of alive.

As such, we designed a bespoke symbol reminiscent of the concept of expansion, a magnifying lens, meant to represent both scientific progress and the the extension of vitality. Combined with an assertive typography and a colour palette that featured a dark, elegant teal as its main tone, this identity brought a fresh approach to the wellness space. Our work for Chi Longevity spanned website design and build, the creation of several pieces of marketing collateral, and branded stationary.



Brand Concept

Visual Identity

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