about us

We’re a tight-nit international team passionate about brands rooted in story, culture and purpose.


why strawberry?

We're constantly bombarded with information on a daily basis, with people and companies vying for our undivided attention -- at all times! So how can brands stand out and cut through the clutter? 


We created strawberry with the intent to design sweet and simple experiences for brands. Whether it's through the logo, website, a social media post, packaging or a postcard, all experiences have to coherently tell one single story. We begin always with the "why?", focusing on helping our clients determine first the purpose and ambitions of their businesses, followed by developing a cohesive and compelling visual identity to tell the story. 

Unlike other creative agencies, where the goal is to create the most creative and innovative work, our challenge is to use design, words and pictures to create simple & intuitive solutions that will connect the brand to its desired audience in a meaningful way. 


what we love to do

visual identity
verbal identity


brand activation

marketing collateral
website design & development

app design & development
social media curation and management


proudly based in Lisbon

Located in sunny Lisbon, precisely inside the urban jungle of Second Home, an uber inspiring workspace. 


clients since 2018

Tour Operators
Pexitos in Sesimbra

Atlantic Safaris in Nazaré


Real Estate
Amari Capital



Garrett McNamara

Sapec Agro Business

Studio 3a


Arts & Culture
The Portuguese musical comedy
a musician looking for a new identity


GROVE hotel & equestrian center
Brick&Glass hotel (concept)


Optimised Systems Technologies OST



Professional Services
The Value Venture
TP Languages
VOWS, events designers
Grow Green