Team member

Sylvia Cardim de Melo

Founder & Creative Strategist

São Paulo-born, US-educated, European-groomed, and Asia-tested, Sylvia is a global brand strategist fascinated by brands rooted in culture, stories and purpose. Passionate about helping brands become relevant in people’s lives. Sylvia followed her own passion. While working for WPP’s The Partners in Singapore, she took the plunge and traded in her 8-year corporate life in marketing and strategy to start her own business, consulting for brands in Europe and Asia. Today she calls Lisbon home. Industry and country-agnostic, Sylvia enjoys every challenge thrown at her. Over the past 5 years she has worked with 70+ clients across hospitality, food & beverage, fashion, tech, and arts & culture sectors. A key player across the entire branding journey, Sylvia’s value lies in interpreting data, trends and emotions and leveraging that to power intuitive yet compelling brand identities.
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