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3 things that make a brand strategist out of anyone

February 13, 2023

3 things that make a brand strategist out of anyone

As brand strategists, we move at 100 miles an hour for our clients. Our job is not merely to create a brand concept but to always find ways to further enhance its power. To craft purpose-first brand programs, designing brand identities and experiences that are anchored on cultural insight, we must take one too many roles such as anthropologists, psychologists, trend researches and so on and so forth. There's no secret recipe but it's also no rocket science - although years of practice and study go a long way, there are sure easy steps to take for those who want to start on this venture by themselves.

1. Endless curiosity

There's no way around it: consumers must be at the core of every brand and although different audiences have different demands, they are always made out of a combination of emotional, social and functional states. As brand strategists, it is our role to understand them and still find a way to figure out what motivates them on a deeper level. It's our endless curiosity that allows us to always keep digging for and unearthing those answers. Whether is obsessively looking at secondary data, trend research reports, or by merely observing and actually listening to the people inside and outside of our inner circle, we’re always in the look out.

2. Creatively driven problem-solving

By working closely with people that are venturing on the path of launching their own businesses, it's fair to say we often explore territories that we were not necessarily familiar with. When building a strategy for a client, it's not unusual to be on the right path to solve a problem only to figure out there are better opportunities when exploring a different one. Sometimes our target changes or the client decides to go with a different route altogether. These situations are all too familiar to brand strategists and that's why we must always try and find creative solutions to challenging problems. Resilience and willingness to adapt to ever-changing scenarios are key here.

3. Excellent communication

It's surely not an easy task to create a brand name that resonates with its customers and the key is communication. When the brand communication is clear and hits the audience in the right spot, that's when we know we succeeded in our jobs. Every business has the power to directly communicate with its end users through social media and it's the best way to build a relationship of mutual trust and admiration. You can easily start conversations by having a clear tone of voice, promoting relevant content and quit with only self-promotion posts.

These steps might sound simple, but we guarantee they make all the difference in lighting your path when you're just starting out. Should you wish to go any further for inspiration, make sure to check our other blog posts for more creative-driven content.

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