eighteen 21

brand identity for Eighteen 21 Charm Houses of Portugal

Eighteen 21

Eighteen 21 is a family of 5 charm houses located in Portugal that blend old world charm of the Eighteenth century with a contemporary flair of the 21st. Ideal for short term rental, retreats and photoshoots, theses houses are tucked away in dreamy places in Portugal.

When it came to defining strategy, it became clear that all Eighteen 21 houses had one thing in common: they all felt more homey than a boutique hotel without it being too personal. Their houses all respected traditional architecture, that only cultural connoisseurs would appreciate. As such we defined the brand essence to be “home away from home for the cultural enthusiasts”. This meant that as we crafted the identity, it honed in on special corners, stories and facts that made any Eighteen 21 house, a truly unique stay.

The end result is an identity that reflected the juxtaposition of the eighteenth and 21st century, while still ensuring that it exuded a soothing and seamless vibe, both for the mother brand as well as the individual houses’ brands.


brand strategy & brand architecture

visual identity (logo, colours, typeface)

website copy and development

art direction & content creation

instagram curation & community management

stationary, postcards, keychain design

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