Brand identity for Kaiola, the ultimate surf hat


Bema is a new food start-up offering plant-based lunches to stressed Londoners. Short for “be more alive”, Bema plans to revolutionise London’s lunchtime through its unique online ordering system where you can set the time of pick up. Chef-designed, their lunch-time savoury bowls are served always warm, and an array of snacks and beverages complement for a soulful and nutritious meal. Its pick up location is the bursting yellow bema pod, sitting in Bishop Square next to Spitalfields Market.

In order to make a dent in a busy Londoner life, we had to build a brand that didn’t limit itself to food or vegan or plant-based for that matter.. We need to aim bigger, we needed to craft an identity that we could transform the mundane into fantastic, grind into joy. Everything we did for bema needed to feel bite size, and never fall into the trap of boredom, hence why we created a modular system whereby the bema typography could work separately from its veggie-inspired splash, the brand’s main graphic device. The direction of the splash was designed to celebrate our innate desire for living.

We love creating purpose-driven brands, and bema most certainly leads the pack. We look forward to seeing many bema pods hit the city in the near future.


3D designer: Barbara Collard

Photographer: Inês Costa Monteiro


full branding program: brand strategy, visual identity (logo, colours, typeface), pod design, brand presentation, content creation, art direction

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